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NEWS: Alain Xalabarde speaker at Casual Connect in London with “Putting the ‘Social’ in Social Casinos”

The casino gaming industry is changing rapidly, trying to catch up to the needs of new generations and adapt to ever-increasing standards. Alain explores insights from computer games, mobile games and even board games to identify trends that are driving current gamers across the globe, offering tools that may further casino game’s engagement and retention. Link to full talk video.… Read more →

ARTICLE: Specialize vs Generalize

This topic can be applied to pretty much any industry, but I particularly find that many novel film makers and game developers run into this dilemma. Should I specialize on one subject? Or should I learn a little of everything? Truth is, it’s not that simple, and that’s why most people often feel confused about which track they should commit… Read more →

ARTICLE: 5 Things I Learned from Making Casino Games

After 3 years working in the casino games development industry for one of the most prestigious companies in the world, I leave realizing that I’ve learnt much more than I had thought when I set foot on my very first day. Most of the lessons learnt have improved my outlook on game development as a whole, but some have dug… Read more →

ARTICLE: Will Games Ever Become an Art?

In Germany it is illegal to use nazi references, including flags, in various ways. One of them is games. Wolfenstein for instance, is a game that looks very different in Germany. However, movies are not put under the same scrutiny. Reason? Movies are considered art. Games are only entertainment. But, is X-Men First Class less entertainment than a video game?… Read more →

LIST: 13 cosas que deberias saber sobre ’13 Minutes Ago’

I don’t normally publish anything in Spanish, but I found it very important to translate this. No suelo publicar nada en castellano, pero en este caso me parecia importante. Serious Play Conference otorgó la medalla de plata al juego ’13 Minutes Ago’. Solo horas despues de que el juego se publicase, aparecio en 6 periodicos online, incluyendo El Correo, EITB,… Read more →

LIST: 13 Things you should know about ’13 Minutes Ago’

Serious Play Conference awarded the game ’13 Minutes Ago’ with a Silver Medal. Only an hour after launching the game, it was featured in 6 major Basque and Spanish online newspapers. The following day the game ratings showed a very suspicious pattern. There were only 5 star ratings and 1 star ratings. Nothing in between. It was expected that many… Read more →