LIST: 13 Things you should know about ’13 Minutes Ago’

  1. Serious Play Conference awarded the game ’13 Minutes Ago’ with a Silver Medal.
  2. Only an hour after launching the game, it was featured in 6 major Basque and Spanish online newspapers.
  3. The following day the game ratings showed a very suspicious pattern. There were only 5 star ratings and 1 star ratings. Nothing in between. It was expected that many people would rate it without playing it.
  4. The game is not supposed to be ‘fun’. The subject matter is not ‘fun’. The game’s intention was to help eradicate the conventions of what a game is, in a similar way that other serious games have.
  5. At first glance the color palette seems to be black and white, but in reality it is grey. Just like the subject matter.
  6. The 13 minutes of the game run from 19:59 to 20:11. ETA was founded in 1959 and ceased fire in 2011.
  7. There are four playable characters, plus a fifth that is only playable if unlocked via the right choices. The only major non-playable character is the police officer’s daughter.
  8. The game makes use of very different characters in order to force players into the shoes of very different sides of the conflict.
  9. All characters have memories of things that happened 13 Hours/Days/Weeks/Months/Years ago. Some have more than one, depending on player choices.
  10. The story may seem simple but is actually quite complex. It is said that there are over 13 endings, but in reality the number of different routes that can be taken can reach up to 80.
  11. The designer’s purpose at the start of development was try to build the most complex non-linear story to push the limits of the storytelling tool, Inkle – used in other games such as 80 Days.
  12. English is the language which Alain commonly uses to write. He has published two book and written many scripts, all in English.
  13. It is not Alain’s first attempt at Basque terrorism. ‘El Ăšltimo Roble‘ is a film still under development. You may find the trailer on YouTube. The book adaptation will come out soon.