REVIEW: Game Dev Story

1653114-game_dev_storyI will always remember Game Dev Story as the first mobile game I was totally addicted to. It’s retro, it’s cute, and it’s super well designed.

First of all, “You know a Kairosoft Game when you see one”. I know it may come across as repetitive, but you can’t have too much of a good thing. The studio is known for its business simulators and other management games. They cozily fall between casual gamers and hardcore gamers. Not too shallow, not too complex. And that art style – oh, that art style. I am a sucker for pixel graphics, and they do an astonishing job. I can never get tired of watching their characters walking around and interacting with their virtual worlds.

unnamedKairosoft has a voice, a style, delivering quality games with very identifiable distinctions from their competition.

Game Dev Story is not only a great example of game design, it is a great example of brand recognition.